Yo! I'm Jiro


Long story, short...


It's 2008. I'm a 29 year old finance professional who wears tailor-made suits, a $20k watch and pointy leather shoes.

They call me a “head-hunter”, and I spend my days searching for the best traders, for the biggest banks and hedge funds in the world.

I’m a shark. I spend my days hustling, persuading and trading information. I'm good at it, and I earn well over a $100k a month and live in a swanky apartment overlooking the sky-line of Hong Kong. 

I'm achieving some notion of "success"... but it sure as shit ain't mine. I could stay in this career and I'm guaranteed to make millions... I already am.

Yet, I can feel my soul yearning to break free. I lie awake at night wondering if this is it. I feel numb and empty… and worse, I feel like I’m selling out, and wasting this gift of life.

I'm so deep in the system... a cog in a giant machine that is filled with greed and fear..  everyone around me just wants more money, more power, more security, more status.

I can see that this is the same fear and greed that is destroying the Earth. From within the belly of the beast I can smell its rancid, rotting stench…. but I’m getting slowly caught up in the security and glamour of my career. I can feel its getting close to crunch time… leave now… or never.

One night, puffing a joint in my underpants, I tumble down a random internet rabbit hole that will change my life.

I find myself listening to the Prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior, recited by Joanna Macy.



"There comes a time when all life on Earth is in danger.

Barbarian powers have arisen. Although they waste their wealth in preparations to annihilate each other, they have much in common: weapons of unfathomable devastation and technologies that lay waste the world.

It is now, when the future of all beings hangs by the frailest of threads, that the kingdom of Shambhala emerges.

You cannot go there, for it is not a place. It exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala warriors."

Just as the world is teetering on the brink of annihilation, the Shambhala Warriors will rise up to usher in a more enlightened society on Earth, she said. 

They have two weapons: 

1. Compassion

2. Insight into the radical interconnection of all phenomena

With these twin weapons, they will create change in the world through changing themselves and letting that ripple out through the inter-connected web of life. 

Something in that prophecy stirred me deep. I feel it in my heart (a very rare feeling in those ego-fuelled days).

I listen to it again the next night. I dream about it. It has spoken to my soul, and something within me is happening. I try and rationalise it away, but the call is deep… and unstoppable.

2 weeks later, on August 11th, 2008 I quit my career and begin travelling the world, training as best I can, to be a Shambhala Warrior.

Fast forward to January 2020… those sweet days just before Covid was a thing.

I’ve just had the wildest year of transformation and growth. I’ve now spent 12 years going deep into my psyche, unravelling all the conditioning and old belief systems.

I’ve been learning directly from the Earth, working with the plants, with powerful teachers, travelling to remote places to learn from indigenous elders, going on vision quests, and leading rites of passage for men. 

My mentoring work with men is charged with power and aliveness… and meaning. It feels important.

I’m looking for a place to live and my dear brother, Craig Hubbub, invites me to stay on his farm.

I drive to the front gates which say: “Welcome to Shambhala Farm”. I walk in the my cabin, and on the coffee table is the book: “Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior”.

An electric charge of energy flows through my body, spine-tingles… “truth-tingles” I call them. The same feeling I had in my Hong Kong apartment when I first heard the prophecy.

I know what to do. The vision has been coming to me and it is crystal clear.

I begin my preparation, and on May 4th 2020 (May the Forth be with you- 2020 vision) I launch Shambhala Warrior Council, a “warrior-training-mentoring-journey-rite of passage” for men. 22 men feel the call of the ancient prophecy and commit to the journey. 

And together we quest, gathering to share our truth, creating rituals of honouring, sharpening our blades of self-inquiry and rekindling the intelligence of our hearts.

We gather to dialogue on what it is to be a man, on service, sexuality, relating, ritual, self-inquiry, devotion, ancestral healing, how to listen to the Earth… and so much more. We commit together to walk and train as modern Earth-warriors, living in service to creation itself.

"When you get down to it, the essence of Men's work is to remember how best to honour the womb and all who carry the womb, all of womanhood, the sacred feminine, our Earth Mother."

Many of the men experience profound shifts, transformations and awakenings, in the crucible of sacred brotherhood. There is a rare power in this ceremony, that ripples into the homes and families of the men. Many of the brothers are dreaming big, healing, growing, releasing old stories and learning how to speak truth and live in truth.

The inner circle is humming with high vibrations and many of the men are stepping up as Shambhala Warriors, launching and leading various kinds of heartfelt initiatives, projects, artistic creations and offerings.

It is clear that the ancient prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior has a mystical power… like all myths, it is alive. When absorbed into the heart of a man, his mission becomes clear.

It is also crystal clear that this myth wants to ripple out, into families and communities across the world.


Thank you for reading about our story to get to the here and now.

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