Jiro Taylor | Founder & Guide


I'm a creature of the Earth, an apprentice to ritual and a guide to the inner realms. My ancestors are Japanese and Celts.

By the time I was 28 I had left 2 cults: A religion and the corporate world.

Both experiences were a fundamental part of my Shambhala Warrior training, allowing me to deeply understand that truth is a pathless land.

My heart has led me into wild places and a deep exploration of the subtle, magical, and mystical realms of flow, psychedelically altered states, intimacy, sexual energy, ritual, shamanism, and artistic expression.

For the last 11 year's I've helped others explore these realms, as a soul guide to the great mystery, leadership coach, shamanic facilitator, rites of passage guide, and business mentor.

I've had the honour of working with artists, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, startup founders and athletes to help them access the inner realms from which their potential flows like a river. 

It is my greatest honour to steward the organism of Shambhala Warrior, and feel into how it wants to ripple out into communities around the world. 

Bohdi Ashah Whitaker | Mentor & Freedom Catalyst


I’ve been described as a rebel, change-maker, disruptor, leader, freestyling flow-master, childlike spirit, and healing energy, among other things. But I lead as a human without a title, because there’s no freedom in labels, only limitations.


And where’s the fun in that? 

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With deep connections to my roots and ancestral links to the Te Arawa Tribe, I was born in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. From the early days, I grew up riding the swells of some of the world’s greatest coastlines as a competitive surfer and former instructor. I spent most of my days pushing physical boundaries, exploring the space where excitement meets fear.

The very space that makes us come alive as humans.

In partnership with the breath, my relationship with surfing will remain a lifelong one, a constant companion. As my original training ground for and initiation into my life’s purpose, it holds a special place in the heart.



An experienced collaborator, I’ve been honoured to co-create with other artists and mindfulness practitioners. Working with Jiro and Flowstate for years as a mentor and spiritual guide, my contributions to FlowQuest retreats have helped business leaders connect inwards through self-enquiry. As a communicator, I draw out the vulnerability and joy from people’s centres to expand their gifts in meaningful and practical ways.

With a deep passion for music, jamming freestyle poetry, rhythm, beats, dance and song, I use these forms of expression across many of my practices and teachings. As an individual spirit I regularly use self-enquiry in personal practice, honouring the breath in both ritual and teaching. My family and I are currently living our truth of freedom, surrender and trust, exploring a new way of life as @childrenovtheworld.

In a calling that runs deeper than my blood lines, I’ve spent the last 8 years teaching, leading, and holding space for over 120,000 souls from all walks of life. Through yoga, workshops, individual mentoring, festivals, retreats and now Mindful Breathing Teacher Training, my vision continues to unfold. 

Through my capacity within Breathe School, I’ve been a vessel of change and support for the heroes of our education system. The teachers, parents and students of the world. As a father myself, I am inspired to spend each day shaking up the old and broken, inspiring a new generation of mindful warriors across the world.    

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Alone we may fall, but together we can rise. We can live in abundance, breathing it into our hearts when we are one. As long as I experience the privilege of breath, I continue to be the change, tapping into the space between fear and excitement.