A Life-changing Mentoring Journey & Brotherhood for Men Stepping into Sacred Leadership




We are living in initiatory times.

Pandemics, ecological disasters, rising anxiety and disconnection are the symptoms. So many ancient myths and prophecies foretold these days, and now here we are... living in the chaos of it all.

Now is the time to rise up as warriors of the heart.

It is time to come together to co-create a new culture of brotherhood that honours the sacred and harmonises with the Earth.  

 If not us, then who? We are the Elders of the future. 

What are we standing up for? In what do we trust and fight for? What is the world we want our children to inherit?

How do we rise up as men in these chaotic times?

How do we become the men who can stand solid for what we believe in, support our women and nourish the divine feminine powers of creation?

How do we create change through our presence, words, offerings, art, and entrepreneurship?


The Inner Circle is the beating heart of Shambhala Warrior. This is a powerful, diverse, and vibrant brotherhood of 20+ activated men from around the world.

 We gather to learn, to share truth, chew on the vital questions, and develop the skills and wisdom to thrive, and step up in leadership. 

Together, in Brotherhood, we rise.

What exactly is The Inner Circle


This is a year-long mentoring journey for spiritually-minded, curious, and creative men, led by Jiro Taylor. It's for men who feel a call to break free from conditioned beliefs, identities, and fears and live from the heart.

We're a rebel mob of poets, artists, entrepreneurs, truth-seekers, change agents, and sacred activists who honor the old ways of ceremony, ritual, Earth connection and council. 

What we have in common is a heart-felt desire to step up and lead, through the work we do and the way we show up in life.

Members receive a mix of 1-on-1 support, business mentoring, group learning sessions, and access to information and practices that expand awareness, clarity, and commitment to grow. 

There is a specific focus on training men to step into mentoring, coaching, facilitation, space-holding, and other dimensions of leadership, so that the work fractals out into businesses, families and communities around the world. 

Above all, The Inner Circle is a true Brotherhood. The depth of support and nourishment brothers receive is beyond measure.

Who is The Inner Circle for?


  • Men who want to be part of a supportive brotherhood
  • Those on the threshold of big life changes, stepping out of previous identities or roles into an unknown future
  • Men who know they are here to create, inspire or lead, and want support in that sacred quest to step up
  • Men who want coaching and guidance to help turn their experiences and passions into a thriving business
  • Those brothers who are stepping into Men's work and want to be part of a high-level group, deep in the work

What do Members receive?


  • Access to 1:1 Mentoring with Jiro Taylor & team
  • 6 live and potent group gatherings a month
  • Small group business mastermind mentoring sessions
  • Access to The Dojo (on video & private podcast)- Our ever-expanding Wisdom School
  • Access to our Private Online Community for connecting deeper with Brothers
  • Invites to private ceremonies, circles, and nature immersions
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What Ground Do We Cover?


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1. Self-Inquiry

  • Know who you really are & live from your Being
  • Learn and lock in  potent meditation techniques
  • Unravel the myth of your life & your hero's journey
  • Understand maps & models of consciousness
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2. Embodiment & Nature Connection

  • Learn Shamanic nature communication practices
  • Learn to breathe and move your animal body
  • Hone your sensory awareness
  • Become the hollow bone through which life force flows
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3. Artistry & Expression

  • Learn the power of poetry- the language of the heart
  • Express your intimacy- the language of your Being
  • Envision & imagine artistic/ entrepreneurial opportunities to create & contribute
  • Become a master of manifestation
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4. Ecological Consciousness

  • Connect with Earth wisdom & plant medicine
  • Learn about thrivability, regenerativity & syntropic business
  • Think systemically to see opportunities to change life/ culture
  • Vision & Co-create the New Earth with your fellow Shambhala Warriors

Who's Guiding This Brotherhood?


I’m Jiro Taylor. I remember the day in 2009 I first heard the prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior. I was captivated by this ancient myth, foretelling the times we are now living in.

The prophecy said that just when the world was teetering on the edge of chaos the Shambhala Warriors would emerge to be the change- by changing themselves.

I let the prophecy sink into my bones for 11 years. And then in March 2020, just when the world was forever changed by the emergence of COVID, I felt the call to activate.

I just happened to be living on Shambhala Farm, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. I knew that my whole life had been a strange, yet perfect training for this calling.

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Since 2012 I have been an apprentice to the path of the heart, and a teacher of meditation, flow, nature connection, leadership, and business strategy.

I serve as a mentor and advisor to CEOs, lead rites of passage, and private journeys into the great mystery. 

I saw the missing piece in the lives of modern men: Brotherhood, ritual and Eldership.

Shambhala Warrior represents my calling to nurture brotherhood, and support men to be wise, conscious, open-hearted warriors of integrity and honour. 

If you feel inspired, I invite you to talk with me

These Brothers Heard the Call


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 Shambhala Warrior has acted as a catalyst to turn me from the scared little boy who hides behind a mask, into a man determined to discover the truth about myself and the power I possess.


Ben Thew, Bali

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Shambhala Warrior has been life-changing.

It is such a powerful portal for men to become the mature men (true kings) that the world dearly needs.


Andy Kilgour, Gold Coast, Australia

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I didn’t know it was possible to transform so completely into a different person. I am conquering old stories and breaking bad habits and improving my health and wellbeing in so many ways. 


Josh Thom, Texas, USA

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