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Shambhala Warrior Brotherhood is a mentoring program for men.  Side-by side, as Brothers, we walk to the beat of an ancient drum. 


The Path of the Sacred Masculine is Best Travelled with Brothers.


Loneliness. Doubt. No healthy masculine role-models. No rites of passage. No access to wisdom or elders.

No training on how to integrate traumatic experiences. No tools to deal with shame, anger, or rage in a healthy way.

Anxiety about the state of the world, and how to do something useful about it.

Sadly, this is the reality for too many men in this culture that has forgotten the way.

The struggle all too often leads to overthinking, over-working, over-drinking, overwhelm, numbing... or total self-destruction.

It's no surprise so many men seem to fall short of their dreams.

The journey to healthy, mature, integrated and evolved manhood is a truly heroic quest.

It must involve letting old behaviours and identities die. It must involve crossing thresholds into the unknown and facing the fears that stand in the way. 

Of course, we never learned any of this at school or university. This culture we were born into has forgotten the way it goes.

But our ancestors knew that a man was made, not born, and this making of man required the shedding of skin.

Today, (thankfully) there probably isn't a need to literally shed a foreskin, get scarred or kill a lion.

However, to become a man who can truly honour the divine radiance of woman, and one day become an elder worth his salt... this will require facing all of our fears, including rejection, aloneness... and death.

That's why the path of the sacred masculine is best travelled with brothers.

Being part of a true brotherhood is the missing link in the lives of most modern men.

In brotherhood, we remember what we were born for. We help each other naturally grow and thrive, and remember that our sacred responsibility as men is to honour ourselves, the Earth and the feminine.

What exactly is Shambhala Warrior Brotherhood?


Shambhala Warrior Brotherhood is our group mentorship community for spiritually-inclined men, who want to grow alongside other good men.

This is a PAID mentoring program, that requires investment of energy and commitment. This is NOT a free community or a Facebook group. This is a powerfully curated rite of passage, designed for men who are serious about growth.

In this Brotherhood you can benefit from:

🪓  Ritual and ceremony to cut through every day life, and remind you of what is sacred

🪓  Access to experienced mentors, Elders & learning experiences so you can mature, evolve and expand

🪓  Being part of a regular men's sharing circle, so you can share your truth, be witnessed and honoured

🪓  Invites to quests and challenges that push limit, help you learn new practices and break out of your comfort zone


What Shambhala Warriors have said


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 Shambhala Warrior has acted as a catalyst to turn me from the scared little boy who hides behind a mask, into a man determined to discover the truth about myself and the power I possess.


Ben Thew, Bali

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Shambhala Warrior has been life-changing.

It is such a powerful portal for men to become the mature men (true kings) that the world dearly needs.


Andy Kilgour, Gold Coast, Australia

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I didn’t know it was possible to transform so completely into a different person. I am conquering old stories and breaking bad habits and improving my health and wellbeing in so many ways. 


Josh Thom, Texas, USA

What is our Vibe?


We are down to Earth, no bullshit types. Our leadership team are a diverse bunch of open-hearted men.

We honour ancient wisdom and modern approaches.

We are deeply passionate about growth, and have found that bringing men together to share truth has been the most powerful growth catalyst in our lives.

In this Brotherhood you can: 

🔥  Show up as your true self, without being judged, ridiculed or "fixed"

🔥  Ask questions, share your wins and challenges

🔥  Connect with like-minded men who face similar challenges as you

🔥  Stretch beyond your comfort zone, by sharing what feels vulnerable

🔥  Learn from experienced mentors and teachers

🔥  Benefit from powerful live workshops, rituals, ceremonies and circles

What is the Design of this Experience?

The Shambhala Warrior Brotherhood community is designed upon 5 core pillars:


1. Tribal Council

When you join the brotherhood, you join a Tribal Council. This is your inner circle of Brothers who you will get to know very deeply. Over time the power of your Council only increases, as more truth is shared and bonds deepen.

One of the trained Shambhala Warrior inner circle members take leadership of this Council, and will provide mentoring to help make the most of these sacred rituals.


2. Mentoring support

You get a blend of workshops, sharing circles and and group mentoring sessions with our leadership team.

  • Attend fortnightly councils with your pack led by your pack-leader

  • Join monthly "Ask Me Anything" mentoring sessions with Jiro Taylor

  • Come along to regular workshops, dialogues and rituals hosted by the leadership team every month

This community architecture has proven to be very powerful... having access to leaders, guides and mentors every step on your journey is a game-changer.

 3. Ritual & Ceremony

Ritual experience is missing from the lives of modern men. But the yearning for non-ordinary states of consciousness has never gone away (which is one reason why so many men get shit-faced so often).

When we enter ritual space, we cross a threshold into the mystical and shamanic realms, beyond the understanding of the thinking mind.

As a member of the Brotherhood, you get invited to several different kinds of ritual and ceremony, including full moon ceremony, rituals of death and renewal, cacao ceremonies, sacred sound journeys. You are also taught how to create your own rituals, and invited on Shambhala Warrior rites of passage and ceremonies.

4. The Dojo


The Shambhala Warrior way has 4 foundations

⚔️ Self-awareness (know who you really are)

 ⚔️ Embodiment (learn practices and rituals to ground you into your body & the earth)

⚔️  Expression (unlock your creative artistry and wizardry as your highest service to life)

⚔️ Ecological consciousness (step into a stage of consciousness beyond separation)

As a member you'll have access to our growing collection of recorded workshops, transmissions and tutorials. Members are also invited to attend the live recordings of all future workshops.

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5. Circle: Our Private community


This is our digital campfire, where the real conversations happen. This is a safe online space to ask questions.

This is a community where you are more likely to hear about ayahuasca ceremonies, Viking mythology or sexual energy practices than sports or politics.

🌀 Connect with brothers on a similar frequency, away from the distraction and divisiveness of social media

🌀 Join in monthly quests (eg. fasting/ meditation/ poetry writing/ micro-dosing)

🌀 Get different perspectives on business or relationship challenges

🌀 Integrate transcendent or psychedelic experiences with the help of experienced brothers

🌀 Have a place to share your art, self-inquiries, contemplations, self-realisations... or sacred rants :)

🌀 Get access to a community of deep-thinking and emotionally intelligent artists, mystics, poets, space-holders, entrepreneurs and leaders.


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Committed Warriors Wanted


Relentlessly curious. Self-aware. Humble. Driven by purpose. Committed to serving the greater good.

If this sounds like you, and you've always wanted to be part of a brotherhood of like-minded men to grow with, we'd love to welcome you into The Brotherhood.


Feel like this Brotherhood is calling you?

Awesome! 🙏🏾

Here's what you need to do to join:

  1. Complete our application—Click here or the button below to access our application. If you have a preference you can choose your pack-leader, otherwise we will choose based on time-zone and the details in your application

  2. Be patient—Invites will be issued on a quarterly basis. Please be patient with us as we process them. As part of the process we may invite you to have  a call with us.

  3. Accept your invite—If we choose your application, then you'll receive an invite to jump on a call with one of us. 

The application for the next round of invitations closes in...










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Important FAQs

Woah... That's a lot of information. But we know you may still have questions before applying. So here are some common ones:

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