The Work of Men

jiro taylor mens work sacred Oct 05, 2021
When you get down to it, the essence of Men's work is to remember how best to honour the womb and all who carry the womb...
...all of womanhood, the sacred feminine, our Earth Mother.
All else is "boys work".
The immeasurable qualities of manhood, such as integrity, nobility, courage, truth... these are words we use to signify attributes that optimise our capacity to nurture, protect, serve and honour the womb, through which all life is birthed.
If the "men's work" you've been exposed to is not opening up your awareness to this sacred responsibility to be a custodian of life through honouring the feminine....
If the men's circles you are a part of do not cut to this core truth...
what can you do to rekindle this?
If the men's work you have done is all huffing and puffing, screaming and chest-beating to purge out the demons, and cry out the grief.... this too may be needed....
but for what?
Many "healing" journeys perpetuate the pain and anchor in the trauma by creating an identity around being traumatised or wounded or in need of healing.
I've sat in men's circles where men psycho-babble their way through the sharing... weep and cry about the pains passed down by their fathers.... and never ever leave the wound.... never take the next step to take responsibility...
The ego anchors into this and creates a sense of victimhood.... and the shoulders hunch over, as the weight of carrying this identity becomes too heavy.....
Meanwhile, the Earth and our sisters yearn for men who will step up into new ways, to grow through the pain and grief... to be humbled into the remembrance that all that pain is the crucible to arrive at the here and now...
...where we can actually stand up and make a difference.
Brothers... we don't carry the womb. We don't bleed every cycle of the moon. We are not connected to the great mystery through this womb-portal. Not for this incarnation.
But we carry hearts. Our power flows from the Earth, through our overflowing hearts... to our hands, through which we build, create, play and protect.
We have evolved over millennia to have physical attributes, patterns of the mind, certain qualities of manhood that enable us to put our hearts in service to something far greater than our egoic fantasies, wishes, and hopes: we are here to stand up and serve life, honor women and the Earth.
Activating this remembrance puts you immediately into service, into sacred purpose.
This is not ideology or religion. This is just the way it is. Practical, simple truth.
The only thing that will ever deny or run from this is your ego.
And that is why rites of passage exist. To stick an arrow in the ego... to slice wounds into that which separates us from the eternal truth of what we are and how we contribute to the unfolding miracle of life.
Blessings to you all on the journey to remember this timeless truth.

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