Emergence vs Structure in Men’s work

jiro taylor mens work warrior path Sep 20, 2021
Flaming heart

I notice a pattern in a lot of men’s work these days which, ironically, reinforces the very issue the work is there to address.

I see men searching for structure, yearning for form, a rule book, a path to follow, a 12 step manifesto, or a step-by-step plan...

... when the medicine that might serve them best is to learn to cultivate (what some call the feminine) aspects that lead to raw creative emergence.... organic expressions that come from the unfiltered and un-distorted, infinite well of soul.

Without learning to surrender form & structure... I see men who say all the right things but are still boyish in their need for things to be a certain way to satisfy them.

Their delusion that “certainty” exists gets fed... which creates more suffering. (Ps... certainty does not exist).

Their capacity to thrive in chaos, to create from chaos goes undeveloped.... and they become overwhelmed... and paradoxically begin grabbing for certainty, structure, and solid form to pull them out of the chaos into which they must descend to evolve.

Their need for form, order, schedule, tasks, direction, and accountability from others may sound like a reasonable request for “masculine structure”..... especially for those who have come from corporate/ sports/ military/ trades or quite frankly, any corner of hyper-masculinised backgrounds...

... but perhaps it hides a terror of the void, an avoidance of the black hole of raw creative potential that is actually their true selves.

Finding the balance between form and formlessness is the dance we seem invited to master in this embodied existence on Earth.

For men... of this culture.. it is rarely MORE form that is needed (however we do also see the hyper-feminised man who has pendulum swung so far over to the land of formless that they can’t tie their shoelaces or open a bank account).

In my experience, the form and structure is a natural expression of my Being expressed through manhood.

In other words, when my capacities to navigate chaos and formlessness are nurtured... there is now something unique and innate to be channeled into form.

This is the soul mission revealed... to be made real and tangible in this world of form.

Words: Jiro Taylor

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