Live Soulfully

inspiration jiro taylor warrior path Sep 20, 2021

Reminder to self:


Unclench the fist of mind. It is not what you are.

Your true genius is your soul... and its intelligence is beyond concept and comprehension.

When there is over-identification with mind, with narrative, with right and wrong...

... it becomes like a dog chasing its tail... there can never be completeness, wholeness... ever.... and so instead there is the nagging, gnawing feeling of insufficiency, of not quite getting it, not quite arriving.... of understanding but not yet “knowing”.

Find yourself seated in silence.... witnessing the play of the mind... Being the observer of all its activity.... yet separate from the to and fro...

Being the infinite space into which thoughts emerge, sensations are felt.

It can not be arrived at through concept... thru intellectual rigour, through thought.

No amount of thinking will ever get you home...

Rather, there is a remembrance... an “aha”.... an “I AM” knowingness that emerges from the silent expanse of a cracked open mind.

Soulfulness is your natural state. You abided in soulfulness as a 2-year-old.... you became encultured... you began to identify with your mind and …its narratives.

De-identify with it. Honour it... love it... respect it... thank it. But see it objectively as the tool it is.

Observe it with gentle humour.

Release yourself from the cage of concepts.

Let meditation, sitting in nature, drinking tea and play become moments of soulfulness... by simply unclenching the grip of mind... dropping from the choppy surface into the depths of the ocean...

Nothing to do... only Be... experience life, as the universe incarnate, source embodied.

This is your practice, your initiation if you choose the path of living in flow... of being flow.

One on this path takes great delight in sitting silently... in meditation.... sitting in the sun doing nothing...

Because it is the portal to EVERYTHING...

If your craving is to feed the hungry ghost of ego with more information... I say starve it.

Go sleep outside by yourself every new moon and make a fire and watch it... release all your attachments and stories to it.

Arise before the sun and walk out of the house to just listen to the birds and feel earthed.

Weave a new myth... be a spirit walker... hum a tune... write poems of your own... romance, court and make love to the universe with every thought word, and deed.

Break the spell of the mind by creating more powerful spells of the heart.

Live soulfully. There is nothing to say or analyse from here.

Words: Jiro Taylor

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