Full Commitment

inspiration jiro taylor warrior path Sep 20, 2021

Upon much reflection, it has become apparent that life is really about whether you are prepared to fully commit to a path... to fully commit to a path with all your heart.

Because it is the energy of total commitment that puts you into a state in which all things become possible.

If we perceive life as a river system, the choice to fully commit, over and over again, is to reach continual forks in the river and to choose with totality to go down one of them…

It doesn’t matter which we go down…. as the system is constantly optimizing and evolving in a way that allows for the greater flow of the energy of full commitment.

Thus, infinite branches of possibility open up to us to flow within.

This way of living leads to abundance and thriving... It is the natural way in which life is inviting us to live…

…to be in a perpetual state of commitment.

Life/ nature models this way of living for us: there is no indecision, wavering, or holding back when we look at nature.

It is outrageously abundant, resplendent, and committing to propagating more life…

Harmonising with this pattern is to live in flow.

Words: Jiro Taylor

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