Initiatory Times, Paradoxical Peacefulness & Reality Tunnels

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We are living in initiatory times. Pandemics, propaganda, fear, division, and ecological disaster are the symptoms... the contractions.

So many ancient native wisdom traditions foretold these times would come: this great separation from the Earth and ourselves…. the great forgetting that we are one.

Now, as fear threatens to isolate, polarise and increase the disconnect… it may feel like we are being driven into the mind… into the narratives, into polarised thinking… into the wild oceans of fear.

I have spent some days recently flailing in these stormy seas… bereft of solid ground underfoot, swallowing water, anxiety peaking… choice to panic and struggle… or surrender to the rip….and let it float me to the deep ocean of my heart.

I don’t think its the last time I’ll be facing my fears… but I sense that with each surrender, with each agonized processing of “what the fuck is going on?” that eventuates in me sitting into the eternal peace of my heart… and the knowing of the undying nature of my true Self…. a layer of resistance is shed.. and I return closer to the truth of what is, and closer to abiding peace… and closer to potentialising my true power to affect change on Earth.

Now is the time, the ancient ones spoke of, in stories and myths passed down across the world, to rise up as warriors of the heart, to rebel against the fear and polarity that takes root in our own minds…

...and to use every skill, every training tool, every ounce of sweet wisdom we have gained on our journey to come back to wholeness… back into coherence with the Earth… back into the unity of the heart.

There is no right or wrong... there is no single reality. This kind of rebellion has no clear sides or easy labels.

In fact, to be a warrior that stands up for life a key skill to learn is “Paradoxical Peacefulness”.... to sit within conflict and polarity that tears the mind in 2 but merges into oneness through the portal of our hearts.

One thing I’ve learned is that there is no ONE reality that can be perceived by the mind. There is no overarching truth that can be understood by the mind. Concepts and ideas, maps and models, ideology, doctrine, theory…. None can capture the totality of reality.

The great psychedelic writer and explorer, Robert Anton Wilson, spoke about “reality tunnels”…. a subconscious set of mental filters formed from beliefs and experiences.

Every individual interprets the same world differently, hence “Truth is in the eye of the beholder".

Or in the words of Anaïs Nin: “We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

And we are all very different, so we will never all share the same reality tunnel.

Therefore, we are beholden to learn how to get along, while disagreeing with each other's reality tunnels.

There is but one place from which the wholeness of unity can be experienced… and that is through the portal of the heart.

This is a feeling journey, my friends. No amount of thinking about it will get us closer to the truth.

We walk this Warrior Path every moment we speak truth that emerges from the well of our feeling body.

In the prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior that emerged from Tibet, 2 weapons are spoken of: compassion and insight.

The compassion is said to run hot… too hot at times. Feeling the depth of suffering can burn us out. So we need to temper the heat with the coolness of insight.

Specifically, insight into the interconnectivity of all life. This insight reminds us that because all is connected, and all is one… we affect life by changing ourselves.

This timeless truth cools down the heat of our passion to change others. It brings us home to humility, but it also brings us to the seat of our power.

So... I raise my cup of cacao in a toast, to all those humbly focusing on the inner work required to affect outer change… to looking at the darkness within…. To dredging up all those deep fears that make us squirm and want to puke.

A toast to you brave souls. Let us walk through the darkness with the blazing torch of our hearts alit.

Words: Jiro Taylor


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